We address the challenges of your business.

Convinced that companies are key players in a responsible and sustainable society, we see ourselves as facilitators of these changes for a company to meet these challenges.

Our domains of action

Based on specific missions managed by the members of IMWI.

Motivating the teams in a crisis situation 

Context : the company is a manufacturer of technical systems. The mission consists in the implementation of a redundancy plan and in reorganizing the operations with 80% of the original headcount.

Actions : involvement of the staff in the co-construction of the new organization.

Implementation of a methodology adjusted to each department and to its specific issues.

Utilization of 3 methods involving collective intelligence and positive psychology:

Appreciative Inquiry for improving the management of projects.

Simplified Appreciative Inquiry to motivate the pilot departments.

“World Café” to regain control and optimize the customer care department.

Results :

We achieved to get a positive mindset and even enthusiasm in an organization traumatized by the difficult economic situation and the jobs redundancy plan.

The staff agreed with the new organization based on a leaner workforce and took accountability with the new roles and responsibilities.

All operations were smoothly maintained without any major disturbance despite the major disruption brought by the redundancy plan.

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Strategic sourcing

Context : a mission to improve the overall performance of 80 suppliers in Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. 

Actions : visit of 56 suppliers over 7 months with qualification of :

the environmental performance using the platform 

the social performance 

the societal performance 

the economic performance

Results :

12 suppliers rated with superior overall performance.

36 suppliers supported with a performance improvement plan.

8 suppliers put in remediation plan.

sustainable sourcing securing an efficient supply base.

Details and figures in the article: feedback on IMPACT TRANSITION MANAGEMENT – CASE N ° 10

Industrial transformation with positive impact

Context :

General management assignment for a global industrial company with a workforce of 250 employees.

High added value activity dedicated to the airspace industry: spare parts for private jets.

Significant increase of customer orders following the opening of new markets.

Creation of a new entity in line with the company’s sustainable development strategy.

Actions :

Preparation of the industrial relocation plan, with a sustainable purchasing approach.

Development of sustainable transport-oriented partnerships.

Relocation of a packaging line (dismantling and assembly), without loss of employment in the original site.

Recruitment and training of staff at the new site for contract work.

Optimization of packaging processes.

Implementation of 5S actions.

Organization of production shifts as 24 hours / 7 days.

Results :

New operational packaging line.

Contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Creation of qualified jobs with optimized staff security conditions.

Changing a company culture

Context : takeover of an industrial company with a pyramidal organization and an autocratic management style in a very competitive sector.

Actions : renewal of a large part of the management board, management training, coaching of key managers, gradual set-up of a participative management and launch of  the lean manufacturing.

Results :

Significant changes in the production workshops thanks to the 5S initiative turning more pleasant, secure and efficient.

Decrease of the number of accidents by 2/3.

Set-up of a waste recovery system.

Sales increase by 15% with sustainable profits.

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Transformation des organisations
Changing the organizations
Soutenabilité et résilience des organisations
Sustainability and resilience
Ressources humaines
Human resources
Achats responsables
Green & sustainable Supply Chain
Transformation digitale responsable
Responsible purchasing
économie circulaire
Circular economy
transitions énergétiques et climat
Energy transitions and climate
Préservation de la biodiversité
Saving biodiversity
Prévention et traitement des pollutions
Prevention and treatment of pollution
Référentiels normes et reporting rse
Extra-Financial reporting and measuring the impact 
Mécénat et philanthropie
Relationships with the public sector