Executive interim with impact

Interim management with impact (IMWI) consists in improving companies with measurable actions on social, society or environmental levels while strengthening their economic performance and resilience.

About us

We are a group of interim managers with impact. We focus on execution in a very operational mode whether in support of the senior management or by directly leading the transformation inside the company.

Our strenghts

Our skills

IMWI managers continuously develop a common core of skills by sharing expertise and feedback on social, societal and environmental changes and performance within the organizations.

Believes and commitments

IMWI members like to align their actions with their convictions of a balance between social, societal, environmental and economic dimensions of organizations.

Group dynamics

IMWI is a group of managers with complementary profiles providing a wide range of expertise to companies and organizations. IMWI members will act individually or as a team of experts to succeed in their mission.

Performance measurement

IMWI managers are mastering tools and methods enabling them to measure their social and environmental responsibility (CSR).