Michel Balan

Interim Manager with Impact (IMWI)

Chief Operations Officer (COO) – Maintenance Director
Ecole des Mines de Nancy

Experience of 10 years in the steel industry (engineering, production and management of energy and the environment) and 25 years of experience in the Management of Maintenance Activities in technical services companies.

International experience :  launching of a  company  in Argentina for 4 years.

Since 2017, 6 transition management missions in companies in the environmental sector (production, distribution and treatment of water) and in the industry (maintenance in nuclear and electrical works in industry).

Key competencies:

Support for the transformation of organizations and people

Improvement of operational performance

Managing large projects in constrained environments

Management of posted and itinerant operational teams

Hierarchical and transversal management

Impact Dimension: Ensure the proper understanding of a transformation by the men and women of the organizations by giving meaning to all the actions carried out.

Values: integrity, passion, transparency, sharing.