CSR program manager  (IMWI)

Expert in Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility – Strategic analysis – operational support – change management

More than 10 years of experience in the deployment of CSR initiatives in a large luxury group (France and International), and 20 years of operational experience in the cosmetics industry.

I help managers of SMEs, mid-caps and international groups to address the sustainable development challenges of their organizations or products, and I operationally support teams to develop and deploy their CSR roadmap.

Key competences:

Management of transversal projects, mobilization of multidisciplinary teams

Supporting the development of a sustainable supply chain and product portfolio (scope 3 )

In-depth understanding of the cosmetics industry, including product development and production processes

Knowledge of sustainability and environmental regulations 

Proficiency in developing and managing CSR budgets

Innovation projects (materials, processes, organization): solutions and deployment 


CSR Reporting

Climate & Carbon footprint 

Ecodesign & circular economy 

ISO standards (26000 – 14001 – ISO 9001) 

Impact  dimension:

Expertise in developing and launching CSR initiatives, that align with corporate objectives and strategies. 

Member of the ECOLEARN community – network of experts on SD issues 

Training for students and adults on CSR issues

My values are around the collective action, enthusiasm, commitment and sincerity.

More information :    Hélène Orliac | LinkedIn