Nicole Lafrasse-Van Den Assem, Néerlandaise

Interim manager with impact (IMWI)

MBA Economics ISG in USA/Asia and Psychology
Expertise on circular economy (Quebec), Climate changes (Carbone 4), Biodiversity

Since 2007, I did 9 missions as International Development Executive heading issues on strategy, marketing, sales managing teams and strategic partners.  I conduced 4 missions as Export Director focusing on changing the business models and building-up teams in Benelux, Germany, Austria and 5 as CEO starting the business unit for foreign companies.  International areas of expertise: Retail, automotive, industrie, renewables and services for bigger SME’s, BtoB.

Impact Dimension : In my daily life, I try to turn into actions my personal engagements on environmental, society and social threats. I lead Impact missions in 2008 and 2021.

Solutions-oriented entrepreneur with a growth-builder mindset.

Talented in innovative project management linked with international developments or ESG purposes. Intercultural intuitive. Mobile entire Europe. Initiated webinars on export in France (Essca 2021) and in The Netherlands (2018). 

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