Interim management with impact: implementing a company with positive impacts in France


A dutch company with strong ecological values would like to implement its subsidiary in France and do not know how to do it. The company which advocates the energy independence of consumers through its products – domestic wind turbine with venturi effect, solar, thermal, pellet boiler – does not perceive at all the differences in French mentalities and the necessary adaptations concerning its business model.


Lobbying with environmental federations, adaptation of the strategy to French regulations – sale to state energy distributors – and local measures for achievable savings, adaptation of communication – emphasis placed on environmental issues – and marketing, implementation of a dedicated pricing policy, creation of suitable training modules, search for distributor and installer partners and network management.

Results after 18 months

  • The network was set-up with a stimulating spirit:  the convinced distributors trained their employees and  sales take-off with a 35% turnover.
  • The consumers got educated by the installation of domestic wind turbines about possible achievable energy savings and  got awareness of the free contributions of our environment.
  • Communities started to think about implementing pellets boilers instead of fossil fuels for their social housing.