Patrice Devin

Transition to Impact Leader (IMWI)

Executive management, Operational management and operational excellence (LEAN)

My professional experiences in the food industry have allowed me to develop and enrich my expertise in management, supply chain (S&OP), team leadership, performance improvement (LEAN), project management, management of budgets, Master Plans, management of ERP, etc.

My taste for challenge, entrepreneurial support, operational excellence drive my motivation for a new professional project. I am looking for a company committed to a social, societal and economic project.

Key skills :

Turnaround & return to profitability,

Development of versatility (GPEC),

Management ERP,

New site contribution (Greenfield),

Crisis management,

Societal Leadership (CSR).

Impact on dimensions:

Reduced consumption of packaging and printing inks (Embaleco – thermoformed rillette pot

Corporate Citizen Manager (Mission / secondment to Bordeau Chesnel in multi-service project mode) = action on the theme of water consumption, sorting of factory & office waste, WWTP management, …

Establishment of a contract in the pork sector with breeders, groups, slaughterhouse, virtuous and engaging on animal welfare

Ability to adapt, analyze and listen, I use the problem solving method. Of an empathetic nature, I exercise my leadership with a dimension of mediator, of a sense of result, which I affirm through my commitment.